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Update: Front entrance replacement

Progress continues as we work to upgrade Manor Creek’s front entrance!

Three bids have been obtained from contractors and companies experienced in constructing neighborhood entrances. Next, Manor Creek leadership will meet with representatives from two of the three companies to discuss the details of their bids and specifics of the new entrance construction.

Fun fact: The current entrance was constructed in 1965. Considering the longevity our current entrance has enjoyed – including necessary maintenance over the years – the Manor Creek commission is committed to doing its due diligence and ensuring the new front entrance will be an impressive and welcoming reflection of our city for many decades to come.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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We do not need a new front entrance. If this board needs to spend money how about getting a larger environmental can instead of a SMALL BOX so trash will not blow in our yards and streets. We are taxed .30 cents on $100.00, lower our taxes to .15 on a $100 property evaluation.

The Horneks

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