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Welcome to Manor Creek, Kentucky!


A sixth-class city in Jefferson County, Kentucky, Manor Creek is situated just above Little Goose Creek and nestled between KY Highway 22 and Westport Road. The community was incorporated in 1972 and is led by a mayor and four commissioners, elected every four and two years respectively. Manor Creek is home to nearly 90 households.



City of Manor Creek Commission, 2023-24

Mayor Steve Hilsher (Hastings Circle)

Commissioner Heather Hise (Ascot Circle)

Commissioner Steven Limbrick (Cranborne Court)

Commissioner Jim Poirier (Rems Road)

Commissioner Katherine Rogers (Rems Road)

Local Elected Officials

Louisville Metro Councilman Markus Winkler, District 17

State Senator Lindsey Tichenor, District 6

State Representative Tina Bojanowski, District 32

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