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Special message from Mayor John Young

September 25, 2019

Hello everyone,

At last night’s city meeting, a resident asked the commission to address the issue of speeding and disregard for stop signs within our neighborhood. The commissioners and I were already aware of this issue, each of us having observed an uptick in these behaviors recently. Our fear is that a driver who isn’t paying attention will hit a child with their car.

The commissioners and I discussed potential solutions to this problem. As a first step, I am writing this message to ask that everyone slow down and observe stop signs. Second, there will be increased enforcement of traffic laws. Residents and visitors alike should be aware that officers will issue tickets for traffic violations in our neighborhood. From this point forward, coming away from a traffic stop with only a warning is not likely.

Manor Creek is a great place to live. I see children riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards, which I view as a real positive in this day and age. Please observe our traffic laws, even when you don’t see a child nearby.

Thanks for your cooperation and commitment to keeping Manor Creek a safe place for your families and neighbors.

John Young

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