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RECAP: Visit from Legislative Aide Kip Eatherly

Photo of Legislative Aide Kip Eatherly
Legislative Aide Kip Eatherly

For those who couldn't make it to the Manor Creek city meeting on 4/23/19, we had a chance to speak with Kip Eatherly from Councilman Markus Winkler's office. Unfortunately, Councilman Winkler was ill and could not attend. Below is a summary of interesting takeaways from Kip's visit.

Please note: None of these questions or answers reflect verbatim dialogue between Kip and Manor Creek residents.

Q: What's to become of the former Wick's Pizza and credit union sites near Westport Plaza, now that the buildings have been demolished and the lots paved over?

A: No word yet.

Q: We've heard that sidewalks may be installed on parts of Goose Creek Road.

A: There are mixed feelings about this idea among area residents, mainly due to the possibility/risk of increasing foot traffic in local neighborhoods by non-residents. Kip recommends contacting him or Councilman Winkler if you have strong feelings for or against sidewalks in this area.

Q: Is it true we might get a (real) right turn lane from Goose Creek Road to eastbound Highway 22?

A: Yes, and then some. According to Kip (via the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet), bidding will take place this summer on a project to add a right turn lane from Goose Creek Road to eastbound Hwy. 22, plus widen a portion of Hwy. 22 to accommodate a left turn lane from westbound Hwy. 22 onto Goose Creek Road. Timing of project start and completion is dependent on weather, but the hope is to complete it by the end of 2019.

Q: Is there a way to stay up-to-date with happenings in our area?

A: Many ways. Important information will be shared as quickly as possible on this website and on Manor Creek's Facebook page, but you can also subscribe to Councilman Winkler's weekly email, which includes a variety of events, updates, and contact information for city services. Kip also welcomed residents to reach out directly to him or Councilman Winkler.

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