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Front entrance update: Home stretch!

Hello neighbors,

We want to share an update on the front entrance.

  1. The work is being completed on time. At the onset, our contractor, The Cutting Edge, said it could take up to 90 days to complete the work, and they’ve done an amazing job working within that timeframe – especially considering the custom-order fencing and lettering which took some time to come in. We know it feels like it’s been a while, but everything has moved along smoothly thanks to the relatively good weather we’ve had this spring.

  2. Landscaping and lighting installation are next. Keep in mind, the landscaping will grow and fill in over the course of the summer and the next few years, so right away, it will not be as mature as pictured in the renderings that were shared for resident input and comments last year.

  3. Because the architect who drew the renderings is not a contractor, the commission had employ some flexibility as we worked with The Cutting Edge to bring our new front entrance to life. The main difference between the actual construction versus the drawing the commission approved is the lack of a dome/half moon shape at the top of the signage. After digesting resident comments about the image/icon that appeared in the rendering (which was largely unpopular) and discussions with our contractor about the practicality of using the materials proposed by the architect, the commission ultimately decided to eliminate the shape from the top of the sign. In terms of maintenance and longevity, we believe this will put the city in a much better place for the years to come.

  4. The Manor Creek lettering on the stucco is based on both resident and commissioner opinions to maintain an “old English” style. Once the landscaping and lighting are installed, the commission may revisit the lettering to determine if any enhancements could improve the overall look - while also keeping in mind the budget we committed to. As a reminder, the landscaping will grow around and in front of the sign, so the current and soon-to-be look should not be considered final or mature.

As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts via email at manorcreekky[at]gmail[dot]com or via the website contact form.

Thanks for your patience as we upgrade Manor Creek’s first impression!

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