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First impressions

Did you know the front entrance to Manor Creek is SIXTY-THREE years old?

Late last year, the Manor Creek city commission began discussing the possibility of taking on significant repairs/upgrades or altogether replacing the front entrance. Undoubtedly, the entrance has served us well for many decades, but upon closer inspection, it's easy to see that time has taken its toll. The mortar between the creek stone is crumbling in places, the electrical system needs significant work, the bulbs inside the lamps often need to be replaced, and the metal signs are fading.

At the February meeting, the commission voted to have renderings drafted for a new front entrance. Once they're received, the commission will invite residents to see them in person and provide input. After listening to neighbors' feedback, the commission will take a vote regarding a new entrance at the front and the likely replacement of the metal portion of the side/back entrance so it aligns aesthetically with the work approved for the front. This is a bold project the commission is taking seriously. The city entrance serves as the first impression of Manor Creek for neighbors and visitors alike, and the commission believes that impression should be aesthetically pleasing and positive for those who live and spend time in the city.

Stay tuned for updates!

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